CLEARANCE - 'This House is Full of Crazy People' - 16"x24" Latex Back Coir Door Mat

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'This House is Full of Crazy People' 

16"x24" Latex Back Coir Door Mat

CLEARANCE – Over Stock
This is a one off item that is being cleared out, This specific item has no visible flaws of any sort. It is being offered to you at a discounted price as this item is sitting in our inventory with no immediate requirements for it. The photo attached to this item is an actual picture of the item you would be purchasing

Latex Backed Mats

These mats are premium quality made from 100% natural coir that has been mechanically twisted for less shedding and with a latex backing which reduces the risk of slipping and helps the mat stay flat to the floor.

We recommend our coir door mats are used indoors or in a covered porch area, to prevent discoloration of the coir. Simply shake the mat out to clean it.