About Us

My name is Lindsay and I’m the one most of you talk to via messages and the one who takes your vision and makes it come to life.
Kalvin also helps out with projects and is behind the power tools (cuz I just don’t trust myself). When we aren’t busy crafting we both are working our full time jobs or spending time with Lukas. 
We started Monkeyfly in May 2017 on a whim. We both have been pretty crafty but finally took the leap of faith when people kept saying why don’t you do this on the side. 

Now where does our name come from...... it’s a special name for us. 
Our son Lukas’s nickname is Monkey. This kid climbs anything and everything and has done so from an early age. Kaid is our newest addition and was welcomed onto team Monkeyfly in May 2020

Fly is in memory of our beautiful daughter who’s in heaven. In 2014 our little Payton was born sleeping just before her due date. Butterflies are the symbol for loss and more specifically child loss. In the hospital they put a butterfly on your door so the staff know that there was a loss. 

When we started Monkeyfly we had no idea that we would grow as much as we have. We are so thankful for all our clients and letting us take a leap of faith in creating items for all your special occasions or just gifts for yourself. 

We look forward to continuing to create items for you for years to come

❤️ The Eden Clan