We are most famous for our door mats.


All door mats are painted with a premium rubber-based sealant paint for a long-lasting finish.


Latex Backed Mats

These mats are premium quality made from 100% natural coir that has been mechanically twisted for less shedding and with a latex backing which reduces the risk of slipping and helps the mat stay flat to the floor. We recommend our coir door mats are used indoors or in a covered porch area, to prevent discoloration of the coir. Simply shake the mat out to clean it. All door mats will experience wear and tear at different rates depending on the amount of foot traffic and exposure to sun & water. 

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MonkeyFly Memories Crazy Dogs Live Here Do Not Knock They Will Bark I Will Yell Shit Will Get Real Doormat
MonkeyFly Memories I’m So Glad You Came! - That’s What She Said Doormat
Welcome Doormat
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